Nationellt Motstånd Publishing House has now released a new book dealing with Richard Scutari. In the 28th of May, the Finnish Resistance leader, Henrik Holappa, launched his latest project in front of an impatient and excited group of spectators in Borlänge, Sweden.

A serious and proud allvarlig Henrik Holappa presents his project

”This is one of my lifes greatest moments that I can make a book such as this finally be realised and spread this information about one of the greatest heroes of our time.” It was with this phrase that Henrik Holappa introduced the launch of this book. Henrik has produced this book project together with Magnus Söderman were they picked seven letters each which they had recieved from Richard Scutari. Even essays of Mr. Scutari and an interview with him are found within the book.

It was a personally commited Henrik Holappa who told about his contacts with Mr. Scutari, who wrote his first letter to Mr. Scutari when he was 17 years old, and although his letter was perhaps slightly tinged with youthful zeal and naivete the humble Mr. Scutari took the time to seriously respond to his questions. This marked the beginning of a lengthy letter writing contact that changed Henrik’s life. He has through him received ideological guidance and many small tips about what he should study to really understand National Socialism.

It was also Richard Scutari that brought Henrik Holappa together with the Swedish Resistance Movement, which in turn led to the formation of the Finnish resistance. It is impressive that a man sitting in a closed prison in the United States can be very helpful in organizing the struggle for the Nordics.

Henrik also talked a bit about Richard Scutaris background as a former elite soldier in the U.S. Navy and skilled underwater welder; he could have therefore chosen a simple life as a military careerist, but after he saw for himself through his work and other militaty operations how cynical the world operates and is controlled as well as meeting Robert J. Matthews, he joined the selfless struggle for the freedom of white people.

One person in the audience asked Henrik about how he believes that Mr. Scutari will react when he sees the book about himself. Henrik replied that he believes he will be both delighted and touched.

We will inform our readers of more info as soon as we get more feedback.

After the speach, Henrik Holappa signed books on demand.

The book which is in English can be ordered from Kampboden by clicking HERE.

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    2011-06-12 00:00