NORDIC NEWS. This week we deal with the news from week 26-27.

Headlines from Week 26-27:

Malmö keeps handing out welfare to illegal invaders.

Travel agency in Malmö warns travellers – about Malmö.

8 new vulnerable areas on the list of No-Go zones.

The Domestic Minister Anders Ygeman talks about Go-Go zones.

Carpooling for Invaders.

Invaders fail in Swedish schools – have to lower standards.

Feminist Initiative refuses to drink sparkling water with Nazis.

Party of the Danes disband.

Stroller walks for Racial Strangers and Swedes.

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Nordic News is an iniative from Nordfront Radio to gather the the news of the Nordic Nation from the week gone by on, translate it into English and deliver it in a soothing manner. This will keep the English speaking world up to speed with what is going on in the land of the Nords.

The program will, if everything goes according to plan, be published once a week.

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    2017-07-10 14:35