INSÄNDARE. Anders, som deltog i Nordiska motståndsrörelsens första maj-demonstration i Borlänge, har skickat in en dikt om första maj.



Det här är en insändare. Åsikterna som framförs i insändaren behöver inte nödvändigtvis fullt ut delas av Nordfront eller Motståndsrörelsen.

Vill du som läsare av Nordfront tycka till om något i en insändare? Skicka då insändaren till

A day of resistance.

The air fills the lungs as I march with a Valkyrie through the decayed city in the night. Tired, yet awake, burning.

What was once pure and in harmony has decayed and fallen to pieces. Strange faces from foreign lands and cultures walk the streets. Hostile, tools for the merchants, eternal enemies of folk and nation.

Invaders and colonizers called us, what is this but lies and hypocrisy.

Europe is European.

This is not my kin , this is not my people. With hope and dreams of a better tomorrow we walk pass this sin of our nation.

Onward to something greater, to meet warriors of kin and heart.

Onward in modern chariots of steel, onward to our destiny, onward to our voice of freedom. A battle cry for things to come. Comradeship, pride and strength in our cause and virtue brightens the journey as our ranks grows ever larger as time passes by.

Destination. A voice giving body and strength. United in a cause greater than ourselves for race and folk. For future and another destiny.

A voice leads us.

We march together, marching side by side with the same heart and fire. The primordial fire from the north has been lit and is burning in every heroic soul. A voice of Nordic resistance has been awaken under the sacred symbol of Tyr. The Æsir stand with us.

As a powerful roar, the voices of the true north rises to the skies and charges like a spear through the streets silencing the voices of the weak and rootless, the lost spawns of marxism, intoxicated with self-hate and lies.

Powerful chants of freedom and resistance echoing through the streets, in our hearts, burning with pride and strength, finally free from the shackles that bounded us to silence and slavery, to the merchants order of death and betrayal. To the empty and dead.

See us , hear us enemy of folk and nation, we will grow from your decay and we will never give up until victory.


Our voices is one, powerful as a wave of pure will and masculinity slaying the timid drek gathered as a darkness to stop Dagaz, the light of the new dawn from freeing our people, releasing them from the dark cave that keep their mind imprisoned, their souls twisted and poisoned with self-hate.

A triumph of the will.

Marching for truth, marching justice, for ancestors freedom. To grow and rise as one burning fire.

A gathering of kin and folk. Under a banner white and pure, nature green and eternal, black giving order to the symbol of Tyr, waving in the air leading us to victory.


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    2016-06-27 23:15