NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we see China going full 1984, Jews crying about Anti-Semitism and the Movement going for Flash Demonstration.


Simon Lindberg on the Public Space

Mixed bag:

China introduces 1984

GDPR hits them where it hurts

Jews cry about anti-Semitism

Punished Sweden Democrat trolls local municipality board

The new TV tax leave Nords even poorer

Marches in Poland

Fires in California

Our Own ideology:

Continuing the Mein Kampf narrative and how similar their time line is to ours, here are some articles from the founder of the Movement, Klas Lund.

Back to the Trenches

  • One of the first articles published in the movement’s first newspaper

”The brutal truth, however, is that the soldiers must be kicked all the way back to their trenches, while they are being told that cowardice is the worst thing imaginable and that the struggle for our people’s survival is all-important.”

 National Socialism in our Time

”The choice for us therefore is not to decide between “liberalism” and “conservatism” when it comes to National Socialism. Our goal must be an ideological evolution. Instead of taking a step backwards in history and choosing a more ambiguous ideological concept like nationalism, we must work for a strong National Socialism as a clear, distinct worldview for our time. We must adapt it to our needs here and now, just like a living organism develops through evolution, or a technology is improved to meet new challenges. We must be able to achieve this change without distancing ourselves from National Socialism or renouncing it altogether. It is not our aim to sugarcoat our beliefs or exchange them for some watered-down substitute; our aim is to create the ultimate National Socialism for the modern day. This is one of our most important tasks. To what extent we are able to achieve it remains to be seen. But if anyone can succeed – and protect our cause from liberalization – it is we in the Resistance Movement.”

Resistance news:

Tax office harass political activists

Flash demo in Nyköping

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