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Radio Nordfront ställs in ikväll

Medarbetarna är på resande fot Tillbaka nästa söndag.

Tankeväckande samtal om konst och kultur i Radio Nordfront

Henrik Jonasson i Radio Nordfront Fredrik Vejdeland skriver om kulturkampen.

Kvällens Radio Nordfront flyttas till imorgon kväll

RADIO NORDFRONT. Kvällens avsnitt av Radio Nordfront flyttas fram till imorgon.

Frankrike överväger att utlysa katastroftillstånd

FRANKRIKE. President Macron överväger att bemöta de så kallade Gula västarnas protester mot honom med att utlysa katastroftillstånd.

Inget Radio Nordfront denna vecka

RADIO. Det blir inget Radio Nordfront denna vecka, då medarbetarna har sommarledigt. Nästa vecka är allt igång som vanligt igen.

Nordic Frontier #71: Finding the Aryan spirit

NORDIC FRONTIER. Tonight we connect with fellow comrade Jakob Ivarsson to discuss his journey across the world and his take on holistic architecture.

Nordic Frontier #70: BOOMERTIME!

NORDIC FRONTIER. Tonight we’re exploring the depts of treason in domestic news, we also invite Haakon Forwald to talk about Orkla Foods, globalization and the Future Days in Finland.

Nordic Frontier #69: The National Day

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we explore our feels regarding the National Day, which has turned into a day for the Neo-Swede.

Nordic Frontier #68: When Crisis Comes

NORDIC FRONTIER. Tonight we are talking about what to bring in your goodie bag when crisis comes and other things.

Nordic Frontier #65: Patrick Little

NORDIC FRONTIER. Patrick Little joins us this evening to talk about his campaign of running for the California senate.  

Nordic Frontier #63: Uncle Adolf’s B-Day

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we talk about uncle Adolf’s birthday and learn about a health care system in decay.

Nordic Frontier #62: Antti Niemi – Leader of the Finnish Resistance

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we are joined by the chief of the Finnish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement.

Nordic Frontier #61: Support the Cause

NORDIC FRONTIER. Packed show tonight with treasonous politicians, Racial Strangers and Fake News. We also have guest joining us in the Second.

Nordic Frontier #60: Facts are Fascist

NORDIC FRONTIER. Our suspicions were confirmed this week when Facts turned out to be Racist(Fascist).

Nordic Frontier #59: #SaunaSocialism

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we engage in #SaunaSocialism and ask ourselves what is what in the current nationalist shitstorm.

Radio Regeringen #107: Moral och Familjekonstellationer med Tess

RADIO REGERINGEN. Klockan 20.00 på fredagen den 23 mars sänder Radio Regeringen tillsammans med Tess.

Nordic Frontier #58: National Socialism drawing the Line

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we invite a special guest, talk news and jews and also discuss the reason why we are National Socialists.

Nordic Frontier #57: Bonnier Chutzpah and Special Guest

NORDIC FRONTIER. Packed show tonight discussing Jewish influence, State Media propaganda and a special guest for the second segment.

Nordic Frontier #53: Northern Europe’s most Dangerous Man

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we talk about the #TruthMinistry engaging in some proper mind control and we also invite Europes moste dangerous man, Haakon Forwald, to talk about the growth of anti-semitism in Norway.

Nordic Frontier #52: The Sami Question

NORDIC FRONTIER. Regular news week in Sweden and your favourite #HateBoys are gonna straighten things out.

Nordic Frontier #51: Tony Hovater – A voice of Hatred

NORDIC FRONTIER. We will be conducting a bit of an interview with Tony Hovater of the Traditionalist Worker Party.

Nordic Frontier #50: Guns and Woodstoves

NORDIC FRONTIER. The #HateBoys take a look at the gun importation business and what woodstoves can do for you.

Nordic Frontier #49: The Coolest Monkey

NORDIC FRONTIER. The coolest #HateBoys in the jungle return for another live show.

Nordic Frontier #48: Season Two!

NORDICFRONTIER. The #HateBoys make a glorious return for the new current year 2018.

Nordic Frontier #47: LIVE!

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we are kicking it up a notch, we’re going Live head first into the ether.

Nordic Frontier #46: Sweden Democucks and the Finnish Ban

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we invite news editor Simon Holmqvist to join us in a discussion regarding the Swedish condition.

Nordic Frontier #45: Aspir Befreier

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we invite Aspir Befreier for a cozy conversation and finish up with a compressed news compilation.

Nordic Frontier #44: The White Hatred

NORDIC FRONTIER. Andreas and Johan take on the Domestic degeneracy in the first segment and Mike joins in the second for the Resistance news.

Nordic Frontier #43: Crushing Social Democracy with Nat Danelaw

NORDIC FRONTIER. Nat Danelaw joins our #HateBoys to strike crushing blows at social democracy.

Nordic Frontier #42: Celebrating 20 years with Simon Lindberg

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we are celebrating 20 years of radical National Socialist struggle with our leader Simon Lindberg and it’s okay to be white.

Nordic Frontier #41: Get on the #HateTrain!

NORDIC FRONTIER. The #HateBoys are back talking about Ethnic Rape Stats, Nordic Alt-Right and the Finland Trial with Pär Öberg.

Nordic Frontier #40: #MeToo and Finland Demo

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we discuss the #MeToo phenomenon and the recent demo in Finland.

Nordic Frontier #39: Globalist Burger Alienation

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we deliver a Whopper® of a show. Antics in the Nordic Nation and some more nails banged into the coffin of the Sweden Democrats.

Nordic Frontier #38: The Finnish Solution

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week Andreas and Mike are joined by Finnish activist Juhani Keränen to discuss the future of the Movement in Finland.

Nordic Frontier #37: The Siege of Gothenburg

NORDIC FRONTIER. #NordicThursday turned into #NordicSaturday and the hosts of your favourite podcast discuss the Siege of Gothenburg.

Nordic Frontier postponed until Saturday

NORDIC FRONTIER. Due to unforeseen circumstances this week’s Nordic Frontier will be postponed until Saturday.

Nordic Frontier #36: Skyrim for the Nords

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we go on a journey through what Swedish nationalism once was, ending up in the final details regarding the upcoming epic demonstration in Gothenburg.

Lifsferill #1: Introduktion till självhushållning och prepping

LIFSFERILL. Premiär för Nordfronts senaste poddsatsning med fokus på ”prepping” och självhushållning.

Tobias Lindberg från Informationskriget.se

FÖREDRAG. Organisationens näste fem lyckades bjuda in en produktiv opinionsbildare på ett intressant möte.

Radio Nordfronts lyssnare: Sätt Vera Oredsson vid mikrofonen

VECKANS FRÅGA. Hjälp till att hitta intressanta dissidenter för Radio Nordfront att intervjua.