MUSIK Denna vecka presenterar Nordfront låten ”Kylän päässä” med bandet Moonsorrow.

Veckans låt

Klockan 20:00 varje fredag uppmärksammar Nordfront en låt för att sprida sund och intressant kultur till våra läsare. Har du förslag på musik du tror skulle passa som Veckans låt? Kontakta då kulturredaktören Daniel

Black metal-bandet Moonsorrow bildades i Helsingfors 1995. Bandet består av kusinerna Ville Sorvila och Henri Sorvilla som både sjunger och spelar en mängd instrument, sångaren Mitja Harvalahti, trummisen Marko Tarvonen och keyboardspelaren Marcus Eurén.

Bandet släppte sin första demolåt 1997 och har sedan dess släppt nio studioalbum. Med sin atmosfäriska- och lite death metal-känsla har bandet jämförts med det finska bandet Amorphis.

Veckans låt heter ”Kylän päässä”, finska för ”En by bort”, och handlar om två krigarbröder klädda i björnskin.


Long ago a village away there were born two sons,
two heirs of the god of war dressed in bearskins.
From the age of three, they say, each other they did train
and when their steel did clash thunder could be heard.

Long ago a village away there did grow two sons,
or were they just two fools born to mock their deaths?
Still they hadn't got a wound that would've hurt'd enough
to prevent them from begging such from a foreign blade.

Honour always tempts the young blood
(plundering across the seas) and battles even more.
Into the way of the one rushing to his doom
only another insane dares step.

When the field emits pain and axes fly about,
play with death is on the increase.
Such a joy for children the dropping of heads is
as long as their army cheers.

Yet so often equality becomes inferiority.
The course of a story twists at triumphs
and fame so easily lets a man forsake his kin.

Thus pride, that most insidious illness on all earth,
once again has taken its prey.
Which one might be the failure, he who left with a lowered
shield and sword held high or he who has to dig the graves?

Tossed about is the weaker by what force;
his home he has left, gained just more will to slay.
What a disgrace is such work.