NORDIC FRONTIER. The Crew discuss domestic news, analyze the Tim Pool adventure and dive deep into point number 5 of the Party Program.

We start out the first segment by discussing the recent poll held by Nordfront, that asked what our listeners like about the show so far. After that, some domestic news including the reintroduction of military conscription in Sweden and the adventures of Tim Pool. We finish the first segment off with some recent activities of the Nordic Resistance Movement.

Intermission with a fairytale of the Bonnier family.

In the second segment we read party point number 5, dealing with the media of the Nordic Nation. The National Socialist republic will take back the control of the information flow from the Zionist elite, put an end to anti-Nordic propaganda and establish a media for the Nordic people by the Nordic people.

The show ends with an extended DJ session featuring NES tunes from our favorite games.

This episode is our longest yet, quite the chunky one. It is the logical consequence of you giving us donations, you get more content.


Topics discussed:

  • Comments from listeners
  • Military conscription in a multicultural and feminist country.
  • Swedish folk hero harassed by Jewish media
  • Tim Pool
  • The picture of Sweden
  • Further transgressions by the police
  • Creating a National socialist zone during the ”People’s Demonstration”
  • The Bonnier family and their media empire
  • The Nordic media in the future

Music on the show:

Joe Jeremiah – A-Bit of Game of Thrones

NQ – Waves to Lullaby

Joe Jeremiah – A-Bit of Daft Punk

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The Nordic Frontier is an English speaking podcast and a sister broadcast to the infamous Radio Nordfront. Our aim is to spread our political message of the Nordic Resistance Movement to a wider audience. Through theme- and discussion-based episodes we will dive deep into what National Socialism has to offer in the 21st century.

The format is not set in stone and everything is subject to change, the overall message is based on the political direction of the Nordic Resistance Movement but the individual opinions expressed by the hosts and guests are their own.

Permanent hosts: Andreas Johansson and Mikael Karlsson.

  • Publicerad:
    2017-03-09 21:38