CENSUR. Den sionistiska organisationen Anti-Defamation League (ADL) har tillsammans med EU fått grönt ljus av det globalistiska företaget Google att fritt få censurera filmer på YouTube som kan innehålla ”extrema” åsikter.

Sionister börjar att få allt mer makt över vad som får och inte får sägas på nätet idag, och under många år så har dessa styrt över sajter såsom YouTube bakom kulisserna.

Men nu så har den globalistiska nät-jätten Google sagt att den sionistiska och antivita organisationen ADL ska få full makt att tillsammans med EU få censurera fritt över vilka åsikter och information som skall få delas ut till världens befolkning via filmer på YouTube.

Vad de är ute efter är att försöka klassa nationalism, alt-right-rörelsen samt även mildare konservativa åsikter som någon form av ”terrorism” på internet och på YouTubes blogg kan man läsa att man bland annat vill förbjuda saker som inte ens bryter mot deras så kallade ”hate-speech” regler:

More experts: Of course, our systems are only as good as the the data they’re based on. Over the past weeks, we have begun working with more than 15 additional expert NGOs and institutions through our Trusted Flagger program, including the Anti-Defamation League, the No Hate Speech Movement, and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue. These organizations bring expert knowledge of complex issues like hate speech, radicalization, and terrorism that will help us better identify content that is being used to radicalize and recruit extremists. We will also regularly consult these experts as we update our policies to reflect new trends. And we’ll continue to add more organizations to our network of advisors over time. Tougher standards: We’ll soon be applying tougher treatment to videos that aren’t illegal but have been flagged by users as potential violations of our policies on hate speech and violent extremism. If we find that these videos don’t violate our policies but contain controversial religious or supremacist content, they will be placed in a limited state. The videos will remain on YouTube behind an interstitial, won’t be recommended, won’t be monetized, and won’t have key features including comments, suggested videos, and likes. We’ll begin to roll this new treatment out to videos on desktop versions of YouTube in the coming weeks, and will bring it to mobile experiences soon thereafter. These new approaches entail significant new internal tools and processes, and will take time to fully implement. Early intervention and expanding counter-extremism work: We’ve started rolling out features from Jigsaw’s Redirect Method to YouTube. When people search for sensitive keywords on YouTube, they will be redirected towards a playlist of curated YouTube videos that directly confront and debunk violent extremist messages. We also continue to amplify YouTube voices speaking out against hate and radicalization through our YouTube Creators for Change program. Just last week, the U.K. chapter of Creators for Change, Internet Citizens, hosted a two-day workshop for 13-18 year-olds to help them find a positive sense of belonging online and learn skills on how to participate safely and responsibly on the internet. We also pledged to expand the program’s reach to 20,000 more teens across the U.K.

Med andra ord så vill Google tillsammans med ADL och EU främja PK-propaganda samtidigt som nationella och invandringskritiska användare ska censureras helt. Även de mer konservativa liberalerna som Sargon of Akkad och YouTubes mest populära användare PewDiePie kommer att vara under konstant övervakande av ADL.

Källa: It’s Happening: (((Google))) Puts Anti-Defamation League and the European Union In Charge of Regulating Youtube

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    2017-08-02 18:30