GREKLAND. Hjälp till att avslöja den kampanj som internationella judar för mot Gyllene gryning sedan de senaste månaderna. Komplettera gärna med fler kopplingar genom att kommentera artikeln! Vi uppdaterar allt eftersom vi får in bra tips.

Greklands premiärminister Antonis Samaras träffade under helgen ledande USAs judiska toppskickt.

Greklands premiärminister Antonis Samaras träffade under helgen USAs judiska toppskick, American Jewish Congress. Samtidigt greps Gyllene grynings partiledare Nikolaos Michaloliakos och andra parlamentsledamöter från partiet.

Greek Jews call for ban on Golden Dawn

Following the murder by a Golden Dawn member of political activist and rapper Pavlos Fyssas, Greece’s Council of Jewish Communities to bring forth legislation to ban racist and anti-semitic groupings and prevent them standing in democratic elections.


In a statement issued on Monday, the Council, an EJC affiliate, said “those who deny the Holocaust, the ultimate crime against Humanity, do not just preach Anti-Semitism, they incite to hatred against the political opponent, the immigrant, the Roma, the Black, the Yellow, the DIFFERENT.”


Internationella judar höll genom World Jewish Congress krismöte i Budapest, 5-7 maj, 2013. Kontentan av deras dialog blev att repressiva lagar, riktade mot Gyllene gryning, skulle införas i Grekland.

WJC: Greek party’s boycott call reminiscent of Nazis’ action against Jewish stores in 1933


Lauder, speaking at a ceremony on 17 March in Thessaloniki, Greece to commemorate the destruction of the city’s 50,000-strong Jewish community by the Nazis in 1943, called on Greece to take a tougher stance against Golden Dawn and said a ban of Golden Dawn should be considered because the party posed a threat to Greek democracy.


Greklands motsvarighet till Michael Chertoff heter Nikos Dendias som är "Minister för allmän ordning och försvar av medborgarna". Genom detta har han makt över grekisk säkerhetspolis polis, brandkår, kustbevakning, sekretariatet för civilförsvar.

Greklands motsvarighet till Michael Chertoff heter Nikos Dendias och är ”Minister för allmän ordning och försvar av medborgarna”. Genom detta har han makt över grekisk säkerhetspolis, polis, brandkår, kustbevakning och sekretariat för civilförsvar. Bilden togs då han besökte en synagoga i slutet på juni. Se fler avslöjande bilder här.

Greek FM to U.S. Jews: Hate in Greece will be ‘confronted’

The Greek foreign minister told an American Jewish audience that his government would “never allow hate to grow and spread,” but did not address specific calls to marginalize the ultranationalist Golden Dawn party.


“Let me state from this forum, in the most determined and compelling manner, that Greece will never allow hate to grow and spread,” Dimitris Avramopoulos told the American Jewish Committee’s annual Global Forum in Washington on Monday. “Hate will be confronted and stopped.”


A number of Jewish and international civil rights groups have pressed the conservative New Democracy government led by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras to take steps to marginalize Golden Dawn, a neo-Nazi party that won 19 of 300 seats in the last elections.


Prisons Can’t Hold Ideals

Venizelos (the second most powerful man in Greece’s ruling coalition) meets privately with 4 different Jewish organizations (AJC, WJC, B’nai B’rith, and ADL) only days before this illegal act of political repression. Now Prime Minister Samaras is also in New York, to meet with the same groups on Monday to give his bosses a debriefing. Why are Samaras and Venizelos constantly coming and going to meet with these groups?


”The Jewish Museum of Greece and Central Board of Jewish Communities are leading the way, highlighting the need to educate school children from a young age about far-right extremism and the Holocaust, while challenging anti-Semitism at every turn” . Inslag från 3 november, 2012.

 Arrest of Golden Dawn members welcomed by European Jewish Congress

EJC President Moshe Kantor said: “This is a long overdue move which will hopefully send a very strong message to neo-Nazi’s in Greece and across Europe.”

“Arresting those who support violence, racism and intolerance protects democracy.”

“The arrest of the party leader in particular demonstrates that no one is above the law and that neo-Nazis cannot claim parliamentary immunity for their actions.

“The EJC calls on all European governments and authorities to follow suit and proscribe parties with similar hateful, xenophobic and hateful ideologies.”

“We congratulate Prime Minister Antonis Samaras on the crackdown of neo-Nazis.”


EJC: Possible ‘Golden Dawn’ Ban is ‘Milestone Against Racism’

The European Jewish Congress (EJC) has welcomed a report by the commissioner of human rights of the Council of Europe, which affirmed that Greece has the legal right to ban the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party.

“This report is a strong milestone against growing racism, hate and intolerance in Greece and we welcome the report and call for its full implementation by the Greek authorities,” EJC President Moshe Kantor said. “Most importantly, it called for the possible prohibition of the neo-Nazi party because of activities associated with it. This is a necessary first for an official European institution and we hope the situation will be monitored very carefully.”


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